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Spark your imagination with a very Sinful Lady. My home base is Jacksonville/St Augustine, Florida.


I do not meet with everyone, sometimes people just do not mesh.

My Offerings:

Are you just looking for a lovely lunch or dinner date with a beautiful Lady? that could be Me

Are you looking for a kinky Lady with a twist, that could be Me

I am just fine with being your Goddess or your Naughty Mistress.

I am also really comfortable in the realm of Role Play and I have a predilection for Auntie/Mommy play. I majored in Psychology and minored in Drama in college, with that in mind I consider Myself quite proficient in the Art of Role Play. Although I do so enjoy when I get to play Mistress and dress up and try to be stern, I always seem to be more of a devil then mean and stern. I can provide a very nice red bottom caning or Over the Knee Spanking or I can just taunt and tease you.

I adore lingerie, nylons, and pantyhose. There is no tactile substitute for quality nylons, pantyhose or a full fashion stockings. I have girdles and garters like your Aunts or your childhood baby sitter, or the lingerie picture that is stuck in your mind from the Sears catalog. I always have the most wonderful and luxurious lingerie to play in. I also have lingerie for you, if you so desire.

On My Games page I go into depth about My skills, likes and no likes ( needs to be said with a sexy Spanish accent).

I have a solid core training in the discipline of BDSM because edgy play intrigues Me. What all that means to you is. Maybe you have tried an Escort who was an Escort and found it to be an enjoyable experience but not quite as edgy or visual as you would have liked it to be. So then you tried a Mistress and that was too STRICT, with far too much leather, chains and governed by THE ALL knowing non-sensual REVERED Mistress. Ohhh boy that was a real turn off and not a very enjoyable experience. Basically you received great team spirit but your home team did not quite win the championship, sometimes this happens just because both parties are unfamiliar with each other, and other times because it just isn't the right chemistry, all very normal. We are not machines, and getting to know ones lunch date is an important part of the process and that does not always happen over a hour, getting to know each other sometimes takes time and good communication.

If MY mask bothers you, I promise I will not greet you at the local coffee shoppe with My mask on, I will be wearing a full leather cat suit with whips and chains but not the mask. That is a joke, a bit more hard core than I actually am.

Read My site if I intrigue you and do not let the Mask scare you. I truly dislike always having to blur My face. They say the eyes are the window to the soul and I have beautiful eyes… so why blur them all the time when you have a cool spandex mask.

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